The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist Review: The Internet's Role in a Shocking Heist

The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist Review: The Internet’s Role in a Shocking Heist

by Netflix The true Hollywood Heist ring bling is here and we get to know the people behind one of Hollywood’s biggest incidents of 2009. Here’s the real story of two of the writers, Alexis Neiers and Nick Prugo, as they look back at the events and how far they got .

The show follows the events and people who somehow drove them to commit these crimes and the media that blew the case like no other. This documentary will show you how the Internet became one of the main reasons why this crime was possible.

The Netflix synopsis reads as follows:

A group of LA teenagers arrested in 2009 for robbing celebrities’ homes inspired a media frenzy and a movie. Now two of them tell their stories.

-The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist Review Contains Minor Spoilers-

The documentary begins with Alexis Neiers and Nick Prugo revisiting their childhood in the Hollywood Valley and how their lives changed from simple-minded children whose fascination with fame changed their lives.

It starts with Nick talking about his early life, his friendship with Rachel (another perpetrator of the famous heist) and how these two started this big heist. From petty theft to breaking into Paris Hilton’s house, these two got all the help they needed on the internet to pull off their theft.

The real bling ring: Hollywood Heist. (Left to right) Alexis Haines and Nicholas Prugo in The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Then we have Alexis talking about his childhood becoming a mess after his parents divorced and their mother left them in huge debts. The big impact his mother had on his love of fame is evident through his memories of those days.

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The documentary begins like this and through the memory of these events, it can be said that it was not only the upset minds of the teenagers that led to this great incident, but also the ease of access to information on celebrities.

We know that the 2000s were a time when anyone could become a celebrity and with the rise of the internet, this need for notoriety only got worse among teenagers. Those years were just the rise of that desire to be in the spotlight because, as we can see, it has only gotten worse today.

Throughout the documentary, we see the different people connected to these two authors and their attitudes towards what happened at the time. While there is some regret for what happened among these people, it can’t help us forget that their love of fame and publicity led them to do the wrong things in the first place.

The Real Bling Ring Review
The real bling ring: Hollywood Heist. Alexis Haines in The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Also, as the two attackers try to come clean about what happened back then while showing regret, there are hints of the once-famous teens that appear on their faces. It’s quite obvious that Nick isn’t happy about Alexis becoming the face of the Bling Ring while he’s being sidelined.

All in all, this documentary seems pretty pointless to some extent as these famed researchers getting another round of publicity after traumatizing people is definitely not fair.

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But we can’t disagree that while this may look like a laundering attempt to these people, it’s just how creators view the internet from a different perspective. This shows how the Internet creates renowned researchers who can also take a dangerous turn.

Moreover, the distortion between right and wrong soon disappears, which only creates more problems for future generations.

The Real Bling Ring Review
The real bling ring: Hollywood Heist. Nicholas Prugo in The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

In Summary: Hollywood’s Real Bling Ring Heist

It’s certainly more than just a crime documentary, as it draws our attention to bigger issues that we’re headed towards due to our need to be in the spotlight.

We can’t deny that this internet generation loves fame and is ready to get it any way they can. As this documentary takes us back to one of the biggest problems it caused in the past when it was still in its growth phase, it’s an opportunity to look at the problems that lie ahead. ‘coming.

As the line between right and wrong blurs at a rapid pace, we will forget to look ahead instead of looking at our screens.

It is a good watch to let us know the dangers of the Internet and should not be missed.

look The true Hollywood Heist ring bling on Netflix.

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